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规则创立者:Audax Club Parisien  翻译者:伍世凌/Hans Ngo(ACP中国区代表)


  • 本文件由Audax Club Parisien总部于2005年在巴黎发布。各国ACP旗下组织均遵守该基本准则。然而,各地可能会根据这些规则设立符合当地情况的更加严格的规定或细则。
  • 一切地方性细则不得违反本总则,且同时要遵守ACP非盈利性宗旨。
  • 活动主办方在可以做ROCN授权其做的事情,不得做违反ACP总则的事情,也不可违反ROCN在ACP报备的规则。
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Article 1 : Only the Audax Club Parisien has sanctioning worldwide authority for these events. The ACP registers all brevets. Each brevet receives a verification number. These are assigned chronologically based on time of receipt. The ACP has registered all brevets since their inception in 1921.
第一章 世界范围内只有Audax Club Parisien(下简称:ACP)有权利批准不间断骑行活动。ACP注册了所有的晋级赛。所有的晋级赛都有唯一的识别代码。这些代码根据晋级赛申请文件收到的时间自动生成。ACP自1921年起管理了所有的晋级赛。

Article 2 : These brevets are open to any amateur cyclist regardless of his or her cycling affiliations an covered by insurance. Any rider under the age of 18 must have consent of his or her parent or legal guardian.
第二章 所有晋级赛对任何有保险公司承保的业余自行车运动爱好者开放,无论他或她所从属的俱乐部、组织或联盟。任何小于18周岁的参与者都必须有其父母或合法监护人的书面许可。任何形式的人力车均被接受。参与车辆的唯一限定就是必须完全由人力驱动。

Any form of human-powered vehicle is acceptable. The only stipulation is that the vehicle must be powered solely by the rider.

Article 3 : To participate in a brevet a rider must complete a registration form and pay a registration fee set by the event organizer. In some countries, a waiver of liability must be sign.
第三章 为了参加晋级赛,参与者必须填写晋级赛组织者要求的注册表单,同时支付活动报名费。根据一些国家或地区的法律要求,参与者也必须签署免责协议。

Article 4 : Each rider must be covered by liability insurance, either by a group policy or by a personal policy.
第四章 所有的参与者必须有责任保险的承保,无论是团体保险或者个人保险。

Article 5 : During the event, each rider is considered to be on a personal ride. The rider must ride in accordance with all applicable traffic codes and obey all traffic signals.
The ACP, other organizers, ACP representative and his/her association cannot and do not accept responsibility for any accidents that may occur during the course of a brevet.
第五章 在晋级赛期间,所有参与者都被视为个人骑行。参与者必须遵守当地的交通法规,遵守交通信号指示。ACP、组织者、ACP代表以及他或她的协会组织不能也不会承担在晋级赛过程中所发生的意外。

Article 6 : For night riding, vehicles must be equipped with front and rear lights attached firmly to the vehicle. Lights must be fully functional at all times (Spare lights are strongly recommended; spare bulbs are required). At least one of the rear lights must be in a steady (rather than flashing) mode. Riders not complying with all these requirements will not be permitted to start.
第六章 在夜间骑行时,车辆必须装备有稳定安装在车首的也叫照明灯和车尾的安全警示车灯。这些灯必须在任何时候功能正常(强烈建议携带备用安全警示灯)。至少有一个车尾安全警示灯以常亮的模式开启,不允许使用频闪模式。没有装备这些车灯的参与者将不得获得出发的许可。

Lights must be on from dusk to dawn and at any other times when poor visibility conditions exist (rain, fog, etc.). Each rider, whether riding in a group or by himself, must fully comply with this requirement. Everyone must use their lights! All riders must wear a reflective vest, sash, Sam Browne belt, or some other device that clearly places reflective material on the front and back of the rider.

Any violation of these night riding rules will result in the immediate disqualification of the rider.

Article 7 : Each rider must be self sufficient. No follow cars or support of any kind are permitted on the course. Personal support is only allowed at checkpoints. Any violation of this requirement will result in immediate disqualification.
第七章 每一个参与者必须自给自足。在晋级赛线路上不允许有任何参与者以外的支持。参与者个人所需的支援只允许在签到点。任何违反本规定的行为将立即导致晋级赛资格被取消。(ROCN注释:参与者在沿途购买餐饮属于自给自足范畴。)

At the start, if the organizer creates groups, as everyone rides at his or her own pace, a rider could go out the group at any time. No rider can be considered as group leader. All distinctive signs (jersey, armband, etc…)or title (road captain) are not allowed. All riders are required to conduct themselves in a civil manner and abide by all applicable vehicle codes, laws, and regulations. All riders are required to respect local customs with regards to decorum.

Article 8 : At the start, each rider will receive a brevet card and a cue sheet indicating the route and the location of the checkpoints. Riders must stay on the route. If a rider leaves the route, they must return to the route at the same point prior to continuing, ie. no shortcuts or detours from the route, unless specified by the organizer. Riders must stop at each checkpoint to have their card stamped. Organizers may also include unannounced checkpoints along the route. This assures that everyone will stay on the prescribed route.
第八章 在出发的时候,每一个参与者将收到一张晋级赛卡和线路指示信息,其中包含了线路的指示和签到点的位置信息。参与者必须保持在规定线路上。如果参与者离开了线路,他/她必须从离开的那个点重新返回到线路上继续骑行,也就是说不允许抄近道或在线路旁迂回,除非是因为组织者在路上因某种原因提示需要变道。每个参与者必须在每一个签到点停歇,在晋级赛卡上留下签到点的印章及盖印章的志愿者姓名。组织者也可以在规定线路上设置没有预先公开的签到点。这是保证所有人能按照线路指示进行骑行的方法。

The organizer must use the Audax Club Parisien brevet cards or the local brevet cards approved by Audax Club Parisien.

Article 9 : Organizers may have checkpoints with no member of the organizing staff present. At these checkpoints riders must get their brevet card stamped at a local establishment that the organizer specifies as a checkpoint, such as a grocery store or gas station. Checkpoint information to be noted on the brevet card includes the time and the date of passage (for brevets that extend beyond 24 hours).
第九章 组织者可以设置无人值守的签到点。在这些签到点,参与者必须在组织者规定的本地设施获取签章,比如:24小时便利店或加油站。签到信息必须包含通过的时间和日期。

For unmanned checkpoints where no means of getting a stamp is available (arrival in the middle of the night for example), the rider may either (1) mail in a postcard with the checkpoint information (time, date, full name of the rider, and the rider’s club affiliation) to the brevet organizer; or (2) write into their brevet card identifying information from a predetermined landmark or sign at the checkpoint also noting the time and the date of passage. When the rider mails a postcard, the rider should mark his brevet card in the space provided for the checkpoint: PC, with the time and date the postcard was sent. The organizer has the discretion to determine which option is to be allowed for a given checkpoint.

Missing checkpoint stamps, missing checkpoint times, or loss of the brevet card (regardless of how far into the ride a rider is) will result in disqualification. Each rider is responsible for seeing that his brevet card is properly completed at each checkpoint.

Article 10 : Overall time limits vary for each brevet according to the distance. These are: (in hours and minutes, HH:MM) 13:30 for 200 KM, 20:00 for 300 KM, 27:00 for 400 KM, 40:00 for 600 KM, and 75:00 for 1000 KM.
第十条 根据挑战距离的不同,挑战时间限制是不同的。时间格式为HH:MM(小时:分钟),200公里时限为13:30;300公里时限为20:00,400公里时限为27:00,600公里时限为40:00,1000公里为75:00,1200公里为90:00。

Additionally, riders must arrive at each checkpoint between the opening and closing time for the checkpoint. These times are noted on the brevet card with the information for the checkpoints. Riders must arrive at each checkpoint between the start and the finish while the checkpoint is open. If a rider arrives at a checkpoint after it has closed and the ride organizer is satisfied that the rider’s lateness is due to the occurrence of something unforeseen and beyond the control of the rider (such as stopping to help at a traffic accident or a road closure), then the ride organizer may waive the fact that the rider arrived at the control late and allow the rider to continue. Poor bicycle or equipment maintenance, fatigue, lack of fitness, hunger, etc. are not unforeseen and beyond the control of the rider and therefore will not serve as a valid reason for being late. Subject to the foregoing, failure to make all checkpoints, even if the brevet is done within the overall time limit, will result in disqualification.

Article 11 : Any fraud, cheating, or deliberate violation of these rules will result in the exclusion of the rider from all ACP sponsored events.
第十一章 任何造假、作弊、违反交通规则的行为都将排除该挑战者参加今后任何所有ACP旗下的活动。

Article 12 : At the finish, the rider must sign his brevet card and return it to the event organizer. The brevet card will be returned to the rider after the brevet has been verified and a brevet number issued. In the event of the organizer losing a brevet card, no replacement to the rider will be made.
第十二章 在终点,挑战者必须亲自在自己的签到卡上签字并交还给主办方。签到卡将在成绩认证后与ACP成绩认证编码一起归还给挑战者。如果主办方因为某种原因遗失挑战者的签到卡,主办方不再为挑战制作替代品。

These brevets are not competitive events, so no rider classifications are made. Commemorative medals for each brevet are available for purchase. Those wishing to purchase a medal should mark their brevet card accordingly. Payment is required at the finish.

Article 13 : The medals noting the successful completion of the brevets are: a bronze medal for 200 KM, a silver-plate medal for 300 KM, a vermilion medal for 400 KM, a gold medal for 600 KM, and a silver medal for 1000 KM. The design of the medals will change after each PBP. Cost for the medals will be set by the event organizer.
第十三章 纪念完成ACP骑行活动的纪念奖章分别为:200公里铜牌;300公里镀银牌;400公里亮朱红牌;600公里金色牌;1000公里银牌。纪念奖牌的样式将在每一届PBP以后进行更新。纪念奖牌的价格由主办方订制。

Super Randonneur : This title is earned by any rider who completes a series of brevets ( 200, 300, 400, and 600 KM) in the same year. A medal is also available for those holding this title. Riders should provide supporting documentation to their brevet organizer, as well as payment. The organizer can obtain the medal upon verification of the rider’s brevet numbers.


Article 14 : A brevet must be done alone and may not be counted as participation in another event held in conjunction with it.

Article 15 : All animations regarding the BRM in a geographical area, such as classifications, awards, challenges, etc, as well for the riders as for the clubs, are exclusively of the competence of the ACP representative and his association.

Article 16 : Organizers events can be scheduled only on their geographical area on the ACP calendar, whatever the starting point is located. The organizers must obligatorily use the brevet card of their own geographical area. An organizer (in particular a frontier club) will be able to appear second once on the ACP calendar like “organizer connected” in another geographical area, with the agreement of the ACP representative of this geographical area, while having for formal obligation to apply the first subparagraph of this article.
第十六章: 活动组织者仅能在自己的地理范围内发布ACP活动,无论起点哪儿。活动组织者必须使用自己区域内活动的签到卡。一个活动主办方可以在他区域外作为活动协办方型式出现,但这必须是在获得ACP代表认可的情况下。

Article 17 : While taking part in a brevet, the riders accept the publication of their identity and the time achieved in the results published by the organizers. Their identity could never be used at commercial purposes or to be transmitted to a third for this purpose.

Article 18 : Any rider who registers for and starts a brevet agrees by these actions to the following: Any complaint or question concerning a brevet or its organization must be submitted to the organizer in writing, within 48 hours from the finish of the brevet. The organizer will review the complaint and forward it, with a recommendation, to the “Commission des Randonneurs” of Audax Club Parisien for France or to the ACP local ACP person responsible for outside France for a final decision.

Article 19 : Any question regarding the final decision will be sent to the Audax Club Parisien board with organizer and ACP representative recommendations. The Audax Club Parisien board will be the final arbiter of any complaints or questions that arise which may not be covered explicitly in these rules.

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